You might already talk with God throughout your day. If that is the case, notice what you normally talk about. Is it asking God for things, praying for other people? If so, perhaps shift the conversation so that it focuses more on your relationship with God. Set aside the list for now. Tell God how you are, the way your day is going, what you're thinking and feeling about it. Talk about you. Even if it feels selfish and you're not used to it. Talk about you.  

If this is new to you, or even if it's not, it can help to have something physical to focus on to get a sense of God/Jesus there with you. Set out two cups of tea/coffee for yourself and God/Jesus, or leave out another chair, a place beside you on the sofa, in the car or on the bus. Perhaps you could go for a walk with Jesus, or talk into your mobile if it feels that God is just a wee bit far away for him to hear you.


God, Jesus, is real. What you are doing is making that reality present to yourself in a physical way - much the same as St Augustine suggested back in the 5th Century, when he pointed to many objects as visible signs of the mysterious reality that God really is with us. Listening. 

Drawing on centuries of Christian tradition, you can pray with scripture in a way that helps you feel you've really met Jesus and chatted with him. You may already pray this way or maybe want to click on the link to give it a try.