The one who sent me
is with me.
He hasn't left me
by myself.
John 8: 29a



The coffee cups in the title say something about the kind of conversation and relationship many of the people I meet want to have with God. They want to talk with God like they would a good friend, to know he's listening, feels what they feel, cares about what matters to them. They want to know that God really is there and not something they have to believe or study. 

I'll provide a few ideas for prayer and experiences of prayer that might help you get or keep that conversation going in a way that feels meaningful and real for you, whatever prayer looks like, wherever it happens. I'll suggests ways of noticing or meeting God in daily life and in scripture. I'll provide a few guided prayers that you can listen to in your own home or on the move. I also provide some links and resources to prayer helps. 

Meanwhile, the picture of two steaming cups suggests cosiness and comfort: the kind you get when you know you are loved and wanted. But we know that life and relationships are not all cosy comfort. Prayer can be tough going too, for many and complex reasons. Hopefully the ideas presented here will help you get some sense of God at home with you, some fleeting experience of him there, even if you don't feel particularly at home with God, yourself, or with your life in general.


Click on the links below to take you to different experiences which I hope you can use in your way to help you grow in your relationship with God.