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Established in 2013, well.com brings psychology and spirituality under one roof to help clients live freely and fully. We offer integrative therapy and spiritual direction, our prayer and practice reflecting the spirit of the Celtic Christian Church and a time when we all gathered around the one Christ. Everyone is welcome here because we know that each person brings Christ to our door.

At the heart of our work is a love of Jesus and a desire to come together in prayer each day. The rhythms of prayer we have established are the heart beat of our work; they give life and purpose to all our activity.

This website outlines our services and shares our prayer.  Over lockdown, we are working away safely on line with some personal contact, permitted within the regulations.  Contact us for psychological/spiritual support, download the prayers, or get in touch to join us on Zoom. All welcome.  

About Us


Rev Alan Lorimer

Chartered psychologist

Mrs Breige O'Hare

Ignatian Spiritual Director

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  • 114-116 York Road, Belfast BT15 3HF

A time to act: Living in a warming world

A Time to Act: Living in a Warming World

From 31 October to 12 November, delegates from over 190 will meet to discuss and decide climate targets to limit global warming and its effects. What you do to contribute to this global effort really matters. This will help you understand the issues and contribute to the efforts.

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