A Time to Act: Living in a Warming World

Delegates from over 190 countries will gather in Glasgow for a UN global summit  (COP26) from 31 October – 12 November to focus on climate change and its impact on our world. The need is urgent. The earth is warming. The effects are potentially devastating but there is hope... We can limit the destruction. We all need to act now. 

The booklet you can A time to act standard pdf.pdf will inform you and help you hear what God is asking of you at this time. It lays out the problem concisely, presenting simple but effective ideas for prayer and action. It will emphasise the lifestyle transformation needed from all of us to protect what we have and limit further damage. 

Changing how you live will have a positive impact on your life. You will save money. Life will be more balanced. You will have a better idea of what really matters...

... and in caring for creation you will have a growing sense of how much God cares for you and needs you to work with him at this important time.