Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction offers you skilled company and support to help you grow in relationship with God and others. It is not new; it has been around since the First Century, with Early Christians calling on gifted and wise listeners to support them as they tried to live like Jesus. It has gone on quietly in the church since, used across the traditions—Luther and Calvin encouraged its practice—and in recent years has become more popular with all sorts of people trying to live as best they can in the ups and downs of life.

Spiritual direction provides a safe and confidential space where you will notice God in the bits and pieces of your ordinary life, notice him with you in the tough times, talk to him in a way that feels honest and meaningful. You find a way of relating to God that fits you and experience the company of the God who cares about you, who likes you, who enjoys being with you. Spiritual direction helps you to live and love more like Jesus, enjoy life better, live it to the full.

What happens in the first session?

A first session gives you a chance to chat about what you are looking for and to see if this particular person suits you. The sessions are confidential and last an hour. They usually follow this format:

  • Short prayer
  • Director says a bit about him/herself
  • You say why you’ve come, what you want. You talk more about that
  • The director helps you to hear what’s important to you, to hear your own experience of life/God.
  • Talking things out can bring relief or make them clearer. Being listened to in this way can be very encouraging.
  • The director finishes the session and gives options for coming back.
  • Short closing prayer

To download this information with further detail in a leaflet form click Booklet for spiritual direction.pdf