Pause for prayer

Pause for prayer

Our prayer at mid-day follows a simple pattern, and has a Celtic flavour which we use to take us back to a time when Christians of all denominations prayed together to the same Christ.

2. Monday mid-day prayer.pdf

6. Wednesday mid-day prayer.pdf

10. Friday mid-day prayer.pdf

Starting again in September 2019, we will meet to pray on the first Sunday evening of each month from 7pm - 8pm. Again the pattern is simple, the prayer is quiet. Music, psalms, scripture, space to be with God. 

 New Sunday liturgy Jan 2019.pdf

We facilitate a regular quiet time of Centering prayer in St Anne's Cathedral each Wednesday afternoon from 4.30pm and XXXX

We also organise regular Slow Down Days, advertised in advance, in different locations. Time out for some quiet and prayer in the middle of the city.