In the Celtic tradition "Threshold" refers to a thin place where two edges meet, a place touching both but free … a place in its own right. It's a place of mystery and transformation. Things happen on the Threshold. The trick is to stay there long enough, to slow things down and see what life and God are offering in each moment, in the middle of ordinary everyday life. Ordinary life: that's where God is usually to be found and not up some holy mountain.  

Threshold listening is distinct from Originating in Breige's dream to gather a community of listeners, it attracts people who want to listen better to God, to others and to their own hearts ... in the ups and downs of their ordinary days. It exists to encourage people to

∆    slow down, notice, enjoy life

∆    tell your story - know your own heart

∆    feel heard and accepted

∆    know God is with you ...all the time.

∆.   Make listening a way of life

We bring people together from all denominations, each one searching for something but not sure where too look. We work on a one-to-one basis in spiritual direction (See other section). We gather groups for prayer, music and craic and have quiet days to encourage people and ourselves to find space and peace in the busy-ness of the city. It's beginning to feel like a loose community. People turn up if/when they want, each one feeling connected to something more than themselves. Not alone. 

And we help people to listen well  - to God, others and themselves. We've developed good life-learning and retreat experiences over the years, using local expertise, well-researched psychology, Celtic and Ignatian spirituality, and a variety of prayer and creative practices from across the traditions.