Finding a director

Threshold spiritual direction LIST OF CONTRACTED SPIRITUAL DIRECTORS 2023.pdf

Breige keeps a list of spiritual directors who work independently. She is not responsible for their individual practice, but she knows their hearts, and has first hand experience of their listening. Many have come through the spiritual direction training she offered in conjunction with Edgehill Theological College. 

To maintain a good standard of practice, they have agreed to ongoing training and supervision. They each have their own spiritual director, and agree to adhere to the a standard of practice outlined in our Ethics code 2023-24.pdf

Each director will know what it is like to struggle in relationship with God, and also to have times of release and relief and great joy. They will regularly experience periods of searching and finding and also frustration and confusion. They know what it is to feel lost. These people are gifted listeners but are not experts in your relationship with God. Drawing on the Ignatian tradition with its emphasis on tuning into your purpose, your feelings, heart's desire and God's desire for you, they are there to help you listen and live in your way.